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Welcome to LA Digs, the real estate and Northeast Los Angeles community blog written by Realtors Tracy King and Keely Myres.

Here, we share tips, market updates, and local news bits to keep you informed on what's happening in Northeast Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods. Read on to learn about the latest in your neighborhood!

The Arroyo Arts Recovery Discovery Tour 2009

Over 100 artists in 51 locations all over Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and Mt. Washington opened their homes and studios to hundreds of ticketholders on a beautiful, sunny Sunday, November 22, this year. No one can possibly do the whole tour—it’s that big! So we go back, year after year—this was the 17th year—finding new treasures, new artists, new studios. There’s always a discovery of one kind or another.

My discovery this year was The Recording Kitchen, a music recording studio in the former Ray’s Market at the corner of Avenue 50 and El Paso in Highland Park. This is hidden LA, folks. The security gates across the front were open just enough to allow us to pass through the doorway, but inside was a whole new world. Friendly, smiling Roxy Sosa, her family, and Chris, the art restoration specialist, welcomed me, offered me refreshments, and showed me through the whole facility. Who knew this was here? Go to for details about their facilities and the variety of classes and services they offer.

The Recording Kitchen

The Recording Kitchen Christian de Brer is an archaeological and fine art conservator who does work for places like the Getty and the Fowler Museums. But he lives with his family in Highland Park and works out of his space at the Recording Kitchen. Check out his website for all kinds of information not only about him and his work, but tips on preserving your own art collection at home. You can also hire him to restore your art or you can pay $50 for an hour of consultation. His website:

The Recording Kitchen is offering a holiday special: For $160, you can pick a song, poem, or dedication that you would like to sing or speak and give as a gift. The pros at the Kitchen, using all the tricks of the trade, will help you create a professional sounding audio CD that can be given as the perfect holiday gift! And you can make as many copies of the CD as you want! Take care of all your gift obligations in one fell swoop!

Look what’s included:
1 hour singing instruction/vocal coaching
1 hour recording session
Backing music for your song/poem/dedication
A professionally mixed and finished CD

For an additional $80, you can record an extra song. For an extra hour of recording you pay only $75.

Now that is a unique gift idea. Call 323-821-3069 to schedule a session.

I took one of the 4 shuttle busses in the afternoon which was a wonderful way to see several studios. But it’s not just the art and the studios, it’s the homes, the surprising variety of people, many of whom have lived in northeast Los Angeles for decades, that offer the treasures of discovery.

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