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LA Digs - Northeast LA Real Estate Blog

Welcome to LA Digs, the real estate and Northeast Los Angeles community blog written by Realtors Tracy King and Keely Myres.

Here, we share tips, market updates, and local news bits to keep you informed on what's happening in Northeast Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods. Read on to learn about the latest in your neighborhood!

Remodeled Craftsman Home at 981 Worcester

Remodeled Craftsman Home at 981 Worcester

Homes in Pasadena are considered very desireable, and this 4 bedroom, 2 bath home is no exception.

Located in Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association area, known as the crown jewel of Northwest Pasadena, this graceful Craftsman home was restored and beautifully remodeled by a master cabinetmaker just before it was purchased by the current owners.

The wide front porch invites you to stop by and visit. 

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Zillow and the Essential Truth of What Your Home is Worth

In a recent Sunday Los Angeles Times, the discussion regarding the Zillow Zestimate of home values continued, as it does on Facebook and in almost every conversation that includes the question "What is my home worth?"

I love Zillow, because it embodies the essential truth of home valuation--no one really knows what a home is worth. What does Zillow know about your home? It knows the public record of its square footage, bedroom and bath count, and where it is on a map. That's about it. It doesn't know that you legally added 1500 square feet of exquisitely appointed master bedroom suite including spa bathroom and vast walk-in closet that somehow hasn't shown up on the tax records yet. It doesn't know that the house down the street that sold for $200,000 less than you think yours should was a tear-down. 

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Cozy Cabin Home at 4860 Wicopee.

Cozy Cabin Home at 4860 Wicopee.

This is a great opportunity to make a piece of Eagle Rock real estate your own - this could be your own mini-lodge in the heart of the neighborhood!

Behind the 1936 Spanish facade, find a cozy updated cabin with all the modern conveniences-central air and heat, Jenn-air range, dishwasher, white granite counters, updated bath, and special space-saving features that make life in a small space special and fun.

There are built-in bookcases on either side of the wood-burning fireplace, lots of closets, a fold-up butcher block leaf to add counter space in the kitchen, a basement for the laundry and more storage shelves, plus a spacious 1.5 car garage.

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Mortgage Startup Caters to Self-Employed and Small Business Owners

All you self-employed, small business ownrs, entreprenuers, and nontraditional career works - take heart! Privlo, a new mortgage startup, just launched in California last week and they cater specifically to small business owners, entrepreneurs, Millennials with nontraditional career paths, or seasonal workers with spiky incomes - namely people with complex incomes that can't be proven on a tax return or W2, and are increasingly turned away by their banks even though they may be creditworthy.

It's an option that self employed homebuyers haven't truly had until now, as Privlo takes into account a far wider range of alternative documentation and credit criteria than a traditional lender. Here's their press release along with more info.

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What Does it Mean to Sell Your Home "Off-Market"?

What Does it Mean to Sell Your Home "Off-Market"?

Some people are very excited about selling their homes "off-market" these days. They say it can save time and hassle and not invade one's privacy as much a regular marketing plan.

Some Realtors would even have you believe that you can make more money this way, that people will be so excited about buying a house without all the competition that they will pay you top dollar.

My question to these people is, How do you know what top dollar is without exposing it to the market? We recently had an Echo Park home for sale that ended up going just over 20% above the asking price of $799,000.

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