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A Special Thank You from Tracy

These last three years have been some of the most economically challenging we’ve experienced not only in real estate, but in this country and even in the world. It’s commonly said that our economy is the worst since the Great Depression. The continued high unemployment figures have been holding back a housing recovery since unemployed people don’t commonly buy houses. Doom and gloom seem to fill the headlines. Short sales and foreclosures are common occurrences, even in the best of neighborhoods.

Every Realtor I talk to agrees that every transaction is harder to do than it used to be. Not only are we dealing with buyers fearful of overpaying and sellers unhappy with how prices have come down, we have extremely challenging lender and appraisal situations with an unending stream of new rules and regulations to implement. Real estate is a team effort, every transaction involves so many more people than you might think.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people I’ve worked with this year. From the sellers and buyers to the escrow officers, title officers, representatives, other Realtors, the staff at all the many kinds of companies, the termite inspectors and workers, the stagers, the marketing support from floor plan drawings to office supplies--I thank you for your business and for helping me do mine. I thank all the people who have visited my broker’s and public open houses and I want you to know you are always welcome to stop in when you see my open house sign out front whether you want to buy or sell a house or not. It’s good to have your presence and your response to our efforts.

They say that a home purchase results in at least $60,000 additional spent in the community as well, so when the real estate market is good, the economy is better. And talk about supporting your local businesses--what could be more local than the house for sale in your neighborhood? So thank you, all of you, for being such good citizens and helping to keep this economy going. May you have a wonderful holiday time and may we  all prosper in 2011!

Warm Regards,

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