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The Box Revisited

Almost 2 years ago I blogged about “The Box,” a presentation by Iku Kiriyama, who, as a public service, shares her experiences when she lost her husband to a fatal disease and realizing what she could have done to have made the process much easier. This is disaster preparedness of the highest order and applies to a fire, a hurricane, or the loss of a spouse. What kind of information do you need to be prepared? Get the notes from that presentation here.

One of the women in my knitting group recently lost her husband, and she told me this evening that “The Box” had really helped her. I’m very gratified that Iku’s desire to help others made a difference. Since that presentation, I’ve learned about a couple of websites that can make the process of organizing your important papers even easier and safer. You can scan all your important documents and store them in two different places online and be able to access them from any computer.

www.Carbonite.com: Online backup of your documents. It’s automatic, it’s reasonably priced, it works. Check the reviews and comments on their site, and you can even sign up for a free trial. Did you know that 43% of computer users lose their photos, documents, data every year?

www.Dropbox.com: Also an online backup system set up differently. It’s free, you can share files with other people and the documents (photos, files) that you save to your Dropbox folder are updated automatically.

I use both these websites. And check this out, they can work together to save you even from yourself! One day I accidentally moved some files from Dropbox on one computer. I went  to another computer to restore them, but I had done something odd and the files weren’t there. But I could go to Carbonite and restore them from there. Double indemnity! This is priceless.
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